How to design the ladder classroom?


Step classrooms are commonly seen in universities and in some primary and secondary schools. This kind of classroom area is large, contain a large number of people, but its biggest characteristic lies in its floor is stair shape to rise gradually, farther away from the platform, the ground is taller, consequently seat is taller, make the student that is far from platform, seat leans back can see blackboard and platform clearly, won't be blocked by front row student line of vision.

The design specification of step classrooms can be designed according to the requirements of class classrooms in primary and secondary schools. Please refer to the "audio-visual and class classrooms" on page 182 of the architectural design information set 3. The relevant specifications are as follows.

Code of architectural design for primary and secondary schools gbj99-86

Article 3.9.4 the layout of the class room shall comply with the following provisions:

1. The horizontal distance between front desk and blackboard in the first row of classroom should not be less than 2500mm; The horizontal distance between the back edge of the last row of desks and the blackboard should not be greater than 18000mm.

Second, the front side of the student and the board level perspective of distal form should not be less than 30 °.

Seat spacing: primary school should not be less than 800mm, secondary school, secondary school, kindergarten teacher should not be less than 850mm.

4. Aisle width: the net width of vertical and horizontal aisle shall not be less than 900mm; When both middle and wall longitudinal walkways are set, the width of the wall longitudinal walkways should not be less than 550mm.

The seat width shall not be less than 450 ~ 500mm.

6. The classroom desks and chairs should be fixed and the chairs should be turned over.

Article 3.9.5 when calculating the line of sight elevation value of slope ground or stair ground, the design point of view should be fixed at the bottom edge of the blackboard and the line of sight elevation value should be 120mm. The front and rear seats should be arranged in a wrong position.

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